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5. Services and Products offered together with cooperating companies.


a. Marine Control and Alarm Systems.

    Together with a Norwegian Company, PNML provide state of the art DNV GL approved retrofit systems,
    engineering, El / Hw / Sw installation and service for full cargo control rooms, interfaced to motor starters, pump
    remote control, valve control, ballast control, cargo control interfaced to level, pressure temperatures and load
    computer, the system may also included fuel systems, water tanks and more. Multiple operator stations. The
    systems are cost efficient and we aim to re use as much of existing sensors, transmitters and other as is possible.
    Installation can be done during voyage with minimum shut downs and will at any time be ready for restart on    

    short notice.

The company provide the following :
        • Cargo and Ballast Control Systems.
        • Engine alarm systems with watch call.
        • Boiler and Inert-gas control system.
        • Navigation Light Controller.
        • Valve control modules with auto / off / manual selection and light diodes indication closed, in motion, and

   The systems and components are approved by DNV GL and components as PLC modules etc are from renown
    suppliers with worldwide distribution.















    The GM a former Development Manager with Kongsberg Norcontrol has developed components and systems in
    use world wide for among other Kongsberg, Norcontrol, Kvaerner, Hamworthy, Norselight.
    Major clients: Knutsen OAS, Teekay, Frontline, Fred Olsen, Laurin, Thome Shipmanagement, Sembcorp Marine,
    Songa, Golar, BW Offshore.


b. Quality sealing systems.


      We arrange or provide a vide range of complete sealing systems from a quality maker with state of the art
     facilities, all seals are made from top quality raw materials.
     Mechanical Seals, Lip Seal systems, Ceramic Sleeves, PFT Seal-rings, Piston Seals, Rod seals, Rotary Seals
     Wiper Seals, Backup Seals, O-Rings of various grades Gland packing, Tank lid Packing, Spiral wound gaskets,
     Valve seals, Cargo Pump Seals, Tank hatch packings, Hatch cover packings and other for Chemical, LPG and
     other tankers.


    The seals are tested onboard in the environment they are designed for as; high corrosive acids and cargos with
    sediments as well as fluids with high and low density, viscosity and temperature.
    We provide cost efficient quality seal kits for the most common used deep well cargo pumps hydraulic driven or
    long shaft, pump room pumps and general service pumps. Valve seal kits for the most common brands and do
    reconditioning of mechanical seals. Pls contact us for further information.














b. Engine Services, repairs and major overhauling.
     Together with a Danish company we provide experts with proven experience from MAN - B&W, Wartsilla, BWSC,
     as Service Managers / Engineers with various service companies, Chief Engineers and as Technical Managers
     with various Diesel Driven power plants and Power Barges worldwide.

     The company provide service for engine types from various makers.

          • On site troubleshooting, for 2 and 4 stroke engines .
          • On site pre evaluation of machinery and auxiliary equipment.
          • Repairs, major overhaul, Supervision
          • Maneuvering systems services.

      For major repairs and overhauling, we provide Containerized Mobile workshops included equipment for on-site
      crank shaft grinding etc.

d. Hydraulic Piping Services.
     PNML have personnel with long experience with Hydraulic pipe work. We provide experienced piping
     engineers for onboard inspections, measurement and tagging of pipes to be replaced and make cad
     spool drawings and systems isometrics for prefab. All pre fabricated pipes will be delivered externally
     blasted, primed and if required also coated with colour and paint type as is onboard, ready to install,
     internally chemical cleaned, flushed and preserved for long time storage, sealed and plugged in both
     ends. The preservation oil will be compatible with the the system oils.

     We offer;
     Pre fabrication of pipes in own facilities, to maximum extent possible, this vary from ship to ship.
     Pre fabrication in convenient ports of call. All work supervised by us,
     Teams for Template fabrication of pipes when the ship are in port or at anchorage.
     Riding teams for pipe fabrication and replacement work onboard.
     Piping supervisors for yard work.
     Supervise Chemical Cleaning, Flushing, Oil maintenance and Oil cleaning.




















e. Mechanical Services
    PNML also cooperate with companies specializing in Machining work, Steel work, Sheet metal

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