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Project references.
Our group’s lead consultants has many years experience from international marine services.

Marine Services Cargo Systems and Hydraulics.
Chemical, Product, Oil Tankers and FPSO,s
Complete systems for Cargo - Ballast - T/C - FO - DO pumping and complete firewater /
foam systems.
Hydraulic systems for Cargo pumps, Valve actuators, Thruster systems, Cranes, Deck
machinery etc.
Pipe Systems: Controls and instrumentation, Hydraulic transmission and Cargo.
Cargo Control Systems.

               New buildings at many yards among other in:
               Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain,Croatia, USA, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China —
               for end customers as Stolt, Odfjell, WL, Knutsen, MSC, Shell tankers, Fredriksen and
               many more.

              Troubleshooting and Repair Services:
              Projects in ports Worldwide and during voyage.
              Customers: SN, Odfjell, WL, V-Ships, Thome, MTM, ESM, BSM, T&E, Tesma, and
              many more.

Special Projects
Major repairs of disabled complete cargo pumping and hydraulic systems, included pipe
cleaning due to systems oil pollution by acids, chemicals and other liquid cargo and
extensive spare parts consumptions and severe operation problems due to mixing of
incompatible oil types, large % of water, dirty oils etc. The most of these projects was on
complete disabled ships and done at shipyards or at makeshift sites in ports worldwide.

Operational problems Cargo Related.
Telephone, e-mail support and onboard assistance for necessary clearing of pump suction
risers, discharge pipes etc and cargo handling and preparations to assure a trouble free
discharge operation.
Molasses, Latex, Caprolactam, Acid’s, Palm stearin, Tallow, vegoils and other problems
related to cargo “freezing”, density, viscosity etc.

Emergency Pumping
Discharge of tanks with disabled cargo pumps, frozen or high viscous cargo caused by
disabled cargo heating systems etc, this by use of special portable pumps.
Discharge of flooded pump rooms and or engine rooms.
Ship to ship transfers of disabled ships.
Discharge of fire, explosion damaged and grounded ships and oil storage tankers in ports
and onsite worldwide among other in AG and Hormuz during the gulf tanker war.

Cargo pump, hydraulic and controls related training of own service personnel, ship crew etc
in own facilities, owner arranged facilities and maritime training schools.
Design of training modules and simulators.

Yard Repair Management
Project Engineer and Repair manager with CCB and Hanoytangen yards in Norway.
Multi discipline IRM projects for floating Oil rigs, Drillship and Shuttle tankers.
Engineering and managing all kinds of technical projects (Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electric, Controls,
Structural, Piping) from - helicopter assisted derrick work, drill floor work, diesel generator work,
thruster drive work etc, anchor winch systems and gears, - to diver supported subsea thruster
change, hull cleaning work and underwater hull repair by use of water tight cofferdams attached to the underwater pontoons.
Shuttle tankers general EL, mechanical, hydraulic work and collision damage repair work.
Projects: IRM for Transocean Searcher, Wildcat, Polar Pioneer, Deepsea Bergen, Scarabeo 5,
Regalia and others. DS Valentin Sashin major upgrade for deepwater drilling. Various shuttle tankers repairs.

Marine Control and Navigation Systems.
Project Engineer / Site supervisor. HW and systems.
Refits and major upgrades for Cargo / Ballast Control Systems, Chemical, Product, Shuttle, Oil
tankers, converted to FPSO,s, FSO’s and heavy lift vessel.
Customers: Thome, Knutsen, Teekay, Sembcorp, Frontline and others.
The systems are developed by a cooperating company where the GM are former Product and System
Development Manager with Kongsberg / Norcotrol.

Sn. Project Engineer DP/NAV with Kongsberg Maritime
Projects: Skjold Class coastal high speed corvettes for Norwegian Navy, Mega yachts, LNG’s,
Container ships, and waste water tankers for NY city.

Other projects Philippines.
Superferry. (Abojeb) Superferry 5-8-10-14-17 and 18. Various Marine electronic systems, included ECDIS and AIS afloat and yard projects.
Cebu Ferries. Engine Control Systems, Autopilot and Steering systems on several ships afloat
and at yards.
Various Refer ships Davao. Nav systems services and upgrade.
Tuna fish vessels. Various projects.

Subsea and Marine Navigation Systems.
Lead Engineer Subsea / Topside Controls with FMC Technologies.
Responsibility Subsea and topside systems for Norne M extension and K upgrade.

Powerplant and Cement Factories Projects.
Sual and Pegbilao Coal fired power plant Philippines. Various technical projects.
Guam Cabras 3 and 4 Project Engineering, Techn supervision.
Apo Cement. Various hydraulic projects.
PT Cemen Gresic. Various Hydraulic and Controls.
PT Indocement. Various Hydraulic and Controls.
PT Cemen Sonosa Various Hydraulic and Controls

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