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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4 Onboard Training & Systems Condition tests, Calibration, Condition report.

A. Cargo, Ballast, TC, Hydraulic Systems
    PNML offer onboard operation and maintenance training for pumping systems, hydraulics, valve controls, systems
    controls, alarms and monitoring.
    This include theoretical and hands on systems operation, standard repairs training and systems condition testing,
    included sensors and transmitters etc.
    We can make system specific training manuals for the individual ships.


a1 Pumping Systems.
    The training include Cargo / ballast and T/C pump systems, pumping theory for the various pumps onboard, how
    viscosity and density affects pump performance, parallel pumping, purging routines, precautions for various
    cargoes and how to report, how to avoid blocked cofferdams, cleaning of cofferdam, pressure testing for location of
    leaks, pump performance testing etc.

a2 Hydraulic Systems.
    Understand a system drawing, how the individual components work, why it is there and where it is located. System
    air vent procedures and systems pre-heating in cold weather. Understanding flow / pressure and what it do in a
    system and assure cost efficient and optimal systems operation. Learn basic maintenance, how to store hydraulic
    oil, system draining and filling procedures, hydraulic oil and filtration understanding. Accumulators, why it is there
    and what they do in a system.

a3 Systems evaluation, Test and Calibration
    We also include a full Pump and Hydraulic systems evaluation, performance test, calibration of sensors and
    transmitters (Level, Temp, Pressure) test and adjustment of hydraulic systems, test of the complete cargo control
    system, ballast systems priming Hydraulic valve control system operation and maintenance.
    Timing of valve actuators, open / close and position indication, Inspection of hydraulic pipes, flexible clamps,
    bulkhead penetration, anchoring points, check for corrosion etc.
    Test of mooring / anchor winches and deck cranes etc.

    When completed, a training diploma will be handed over to the attending crew and a full systems condition report
    with calibration and test data and recommended actions will be handed over to the Owner / Manager.

B. Human Recourse Training
    ISPS, ISM & MLC audit. DNV GL certificated instructor.



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