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1. Cargo Pumping Systems

PNML service and repair a wide range Pumps and Systems for Oil, Product, Chemical, Bitumen and LPG Tankers.

        • Hydraulic driven Deep Well Pumps and Systems.
        • Long shaft Electric driven Pumps and Systems.
        • Conventional Pumps and Systems.

        • Cargo / Ballast / T/C and general service pumps of various types.

        •"Screw" Pump and systems.

        • Cargo and Ballast Valve repairs.
        • PV Valve on site test and adjustment *

For voyage repairs, we do full systems overhauls, general systems service, annual systems inspections and tests,
systems calibration etc, and for some pump brands, skimming of worn impellers and impeller flanges to fit oversized
wear-rings for improved discharge rate and stripping ability. We also do clearing of pump cofferdams (depending on
blockage fluids) temporarily repairs of pitted and corroded sealing surfaces and cargo pump performance tests as well
as calibration of sensors and transmitters etc.

For yard services, we provide systems experts for supervision but also full repair teams. Pump repairs, Clearing of
pump and riser cofferdams, Welding of cracks and pin holes, Reconditioning of pitted and corroded pump parts and
recon impellers etc back to original wear-ring size.

We arrange or provide a vide range of quality sealing systems and seal kits from renown maker. The seals are
manufactured de strictest quality standards and are made from selected and proven non recycled materials in state of
the art facilities that meet and exceeds expectations.

































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